Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mini vacation...

We had the opportunity to spend the weekend at one of the valleys hotels (The Pointe Hilton) with a water park.  Nathan's mom got us the suite room which came with 4 passes to the pool park.  We had so much fun playing and swimming.  Man, my kids are fishes I tell ya.  

Zane is able to swim on his own and with his goggles was off adventuring, some of his hockey buddies were even there.  Eve was still pretty nervous about her skills and eventually lost the floaties and swim board and was having a blast...*mom watch this...Mom look at me...Did you see me swim?!?* She was all over the pool too.  
Max (4) is still not self sufficient and stuck with mom, dad or grandma, but by the end of yesterday was feeling brave enough to just swim with his board...no floaties, I was a nervous wreck at that point.  I was on him like stink on poo!  We all had a blast and came home a little burned and a LOT tired!  

One of the most beautiful things about the desert we dwell in is the sunsets...breathtaking...and this one is mediocre at best.

Friday, August 1, 2008


If you have been following me for awhile you know how I have made 2008 my *believe* year.  I am constantly having to remind myself to *just believe* and I recently discovered "The Secret", If you haven't heard of it click on the banner at the top to read a little about the idea.  Anyhoo I had this in my inbox and HAD to post it.  I *believe* it is a good thing!  Oh and check out my new logo....eeee squeals of joy...I love it!!!

Ask, Believe, Receive - just three simple steps to create what you want. However, very often the second step, believe, can be the most difficult one. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. When you masterbelieving, you have mastered your life.

To master believing, all you have to do is tip the balance of your thoughts, words, and actions, from 'not believing' to believing. The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what you want, is having more thoughts of 'not believing', speaking more words of 'not believing', and taking more actions of 'not believing', than you are of believing. Base the majority of your thoughts, words, and actions in believing, and the law of attraction must obey you.

Believing contains no doubt. Believing does not waiver. Believing is absolute faith. Believing remains steadfast despite what is happening in the outside world.