Monday, December 15, 2008

Birthday greetings!

I have to share with you all the most amazing Birthday party I went to last night...mine (& my hunnies, his is the 19th). It was a SpongeBob Squarepants party, an undersea adventure. My 3 youngest kids (9,6 & 4) have been spending the last couple of weekends with Grandma preparing for the I know why... See the shark?!?
No detail was missed. I entered Grandmas house to be engulfed with the waves and bubbles of the ocean and a giant squidapus (that's what the kids called it). I was offered an *ocean water* drink. It was riesling wine (my fav) and pineapple juice...yummy! They had made up some outdoor games which were supposed to be played during the day. We had another party to go to earlier, so it was dark when we arrived. I thought it was better in the dark anyway, it was deep in the dark ocean!

We followed the painted fish to SpongeBobs house...he wasn't home but we had to *search* for his sponges, and yes, they were square!
There were killers whales and sharks trying to eat us and the babies. The kids had the best time trying to eat us and *swimming* around us. They all painted and helped create their cardboard costumes.

Mean shark...look at those teeth!

Is that Shamu??? Another shark too...aaahhhhh!!! They were trying to eat me , Grandma, and Scoutie (the dog).

Here they are all the ocean creatures swimming in the ocean waves...Max



My mother joined us too. Here we are getting ready to eat sushi, even the new plates Grandma Karen got were called tidal (and 50% off at Pier One, score Grandma Karen)! Look up at the top of the pictures and you can see the bubbles above us. I look like a drunk holding the bottle, I was making my *ocean water* right before Nathan took the picture.

To finish off the meal we had a DeLiCiOuS pineapple upside down Birthday cake...mmmmm The kids were so proud of themselves, they helped Grandma cook it and I heard they were eager spoon/bowl lickers!

Max helped me put in the candles...

The kids also made homemade, hand cranked banana ice cream....yuuummmm

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful Family!

Happy Birthday to US...

I can't thank Karen and the kids enough and I will never forget this birthday party. It will go down in our family history of GR8 parties, second only to Zane's awesome army party...or Eve's Princess for a day party...

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Back!

I am back and feeling pretty awful for neglecting my poor blog. It has been a rough couple of months but I should have at least popped in to say hello. I am at a turning point with my health problems and I have had to accept the fact that I will have a different life than I had imagined having 20 years ago. I think that has been the hardest part, and it has caused me a great deal of depression. I quit taking the morphine cuz it was making me a zombie. So now my pain is another issue. It takes my half the day to get moving now. I get up every morning around 5 or 6 from the pain, that makes for Loooonnnggggg days! This is a total switch for me, before I would stay up pretty late 12 or later, and get up around 9. Anyhoo, I am not blogging to complain...I am dealing with everything much better now....I'm blogging cuz it makes me feel good. I love making friends and meeting artists in this great big blogosphere!

In honor of my return to bloglandia, I have joined a blog party, It's on my Birthday, December 15th, I had to join! It looks really fun, go check it out.

A Pretty Little Christmas Blog Party

So I am off to putter in my NEW studio!!! Yes, I said my NEW studio...eeekkkk I am so excited, now if I could only get upstairs and unpack it ALL...uuggg! My house has a loft and previously when my oldest lived with us my boys shared a room in the loft. When Paige moved out the boys got her room and we made the loft a playroom. Well, they never kept it clean so I said "Now it's MY playroom". I have trouble getting up the stairs some days, but it gets me moving whether I like it or not (the master bedroom is downstairs, I never thought when we bought our house that it was going to be so handy, funny how things like that work out :0)
Here I am in my front room ...uh um... I mean old studio. Sadly my stuff kept spreading and I was taking up the entire front room, not good with Christmas right around the corner. I'll post pictures of the new studio soon :0)

It sure feels good to be back, If you drop by, please leave me a message ✿