Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Soiree of the Century...

OK maybe not the Century, but the Month at least!!!

Vanessa @ A Fanciful Twist's 200th blog PAARRTTEEEYYY is happening today...what a delight to the eyes and soul...she is soo FuN!!! I'm arriving usual, but the festivities are still happening I hear. I've been so excited all week. I have a new friend who wanted to make her appearance at the soiree, so without further ado...Miss Tery (mystery)

I know...I told her it wasn't very lady-like but she wanted to show off her velvet mary~janes

Oh and you gotta meet her lil friend...Tweet

yummmiiieee...they brought yummie ummie cuppies with cream cheese frosting...

Then the word got out, you know how one person tells another and before you know it *everybody* wants to come...that's why Charlie the Gnome is here...he heard it through the grapevine

Friday, June 27, 2008


Xanadu was a dream come true for me!!!

I was obsessed with Olivia Newton John & Rollerskating

I can remember watching this every-time it came on HBO and putting on my twirliest skirt, my skates with glittery blue shoelaces and giant fuzzy bells, and skancin' or danting=skating+dancing!

I thought for sure when I got married we would be roller-skating down the aisle and off into the sunset!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Bee is ME....

So I have LOTs to tell ya...first I want to share my latest obsession...dress forms
My mom got me one for my birthday back in December and now I can't get enough of them. I was eye'n this in a catalog my mom gets, so imagine my surprise when I got a fairly large package...and in it was this beauty...yeah ME...THANX mom!

On to business. *FINALLY* got my PIF done and sent, these are made from an old Indian Sari fabric pillow cover that has seen better days. I loved that pillow, & now it has been given a second life as these lil creatures...

I have been catching up on all my swappy goodies. Made my chunky pages. The theme was they had to be *stamped*. I had to do a variation on 3 of them due to foreign customs, they couldn't have the feather on them, so instead they got a vintage millinery flower.

I've been working on my pendants for the "Jewel's of the Sea Swap", lots of broken glass...UGH!

My pendants are going to be very interesting...stay tuned...oh and those monkey's in the barrel were NO HELP...checky monkeys!!!

I'm also getting ready for A Fanciful Twist's soiree...we are very excited...I have a couple of special guests making their debut at the event. She makes the best cuppies with cream cheese frosting...mmmmm

My Rowan print has found a nice spot to hang out...she's content *looking down* on all the action ~for now {see my other dress form in the corner...I love this lil corner}

Oh and of course the kids are keeping me busy...all 3 of them think they are the orders...summertime FUN!

I've got lots of other goodies in the mail to share...I'm saving them for another post...til then...

Whatchu been up to???

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A very Merry Unbirthday to who!?! me...O you...& you...who me!?!..yes YOU!!!!!

The lovely and very talented artist Vanessa Valencia @ A Fanciful Twist is having a stop by I'm sure it will be fun...her blog always is!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day, flare-ups, & Swapping Goodness...Oh my!

It has been a very interesting weekend around here. As many of you know today is Father's Day. I woke up this morning with a migraine and my hunny had to take Zane to hockey practice on his own. In my headache fog, I forgot to wish him a Happy Father's day, make him breakfast in bed, and shower him in gifts. What a BAD mommy! I feel awful, so I was thinking I would make him an amazing meal and surprise him when he gets home...O yeah...I have no Van...drats! So instead I will scavenge in the freezer for a less then mediocre "gourmet meal" of frozen fish and veggies. The kids have been busy making him cards and stuff but Zane is probably still unaware it's Father's Day and being a big stinker I'm sure. He is at that awkward age when he doesn't want to show his sensitive sweet side or any public signs of affection, is constantly arguing about any and everything and thinks he is all knowing and almighty...Yeah...good times! So I'm sure Nathan is having a GREAT I am feeling terribly guilty!

On a lighter note...I have some swappy goodness to share. I have been busy...made 24 inchies (my first attempts),they are headed off to Trixie and Donna

Also made some yummy lotions that remind me of summer for the "Not to Shabby Summer Swap" for Genevieve,

there is also a cute lil wreath and some mini magnets I made for her.

I got lots of goodies too...more chunky book pages from Jackie& Sandra

Some amazing handmade cards from Samantha

And yet another lovely chunky page from Anne in Australia

WOW...Look at all these goodies...THANK YOU ladies!

Well I'm off to scavenge through the freezer. I hope you all have a lovely Fathers Day...and don't forget to tell your daddies how great they are...I better before I am also a BAD daughter!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My nights...

Awww my nights. That is when me and my muse get to play. Being the mother to 4 kids (one grown and away, 3 at home, here to stay), my days are full of to-do's and errands, and motherly love. OK it's occasionally replaced with the over stressed mommy who needs that "Calgon take me away" moment to be real. Even more so, I await the nights for my "ME time". I am a mother first, artist second...or third...or maybe even forth. I rarely make it through the day and into the night, sheer exhaustion takes over and I can only dream of creating. Enter my muse, she is a schizophrenic who whispers at the oddest hours, and delights me with such wondrous ideas...always wanting to play. Her name is Rowan Willow Nightwind, the alter, over-active ego of an artist. If she's lucky I will play, play away the hours into the night. See with Rowan there are no clocks or kids or chores, just sweet "ME time". I can create and play all away the night and sleep all through the day...yeah right (those days are gone along with my single life)! Remember those kids and errands and chores...they're still there, and the kids seem to be fueled by my weakness, like Superman around Kyrptonite, paralyzed and powerless. I am the walking dead, defenseless to these little people running the show. Oh how could I be so senseless and waste my sweet slumber time to create art...the very art that keeps me awake on all the other nights, exhausted left only to dream of it, the same art that puts a smile on the receivers face and in my heart, the same art that I look at in sheer amazement that it has made it, it IS created, it IS ART!

Awww...who needs sleep anyway!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The postman always rings twice...

I guess you can say I keep my postal gal busy, I had 5 goodies in the mail Monday. I was one happy girl! I recieved some of my chunky book pages from Linda & Vickie

Lilla sent me a lovely care package full of vintage lace and pictures...

My lovely print of Rowan from Marisa...see previous post...

And my vintage items swap from Lori full of lots of neat finds.

Rowan by Marisa @ Elegant Snobbery

This is a print from the lovely and talented Marisa at Elegant Snobbery. Her name is muse...I had to bring her home! Isn't she lovely?!?

To Twitter or not to Twitter?!?

Are you a Twitter~er? I'm now a that what you would call one that Twitters?!? I'm learning the ropes...bear with me. I need some "twit" friends, are you a "twit"? Help me out :0/