Thursday, February 25, 2010


I recently submitted our Thank you picture to the Gratitude Project and wanted to share our experience. My daughter had a slumber party for her 8th Birthday. So we had all the kids and their friends make our letters and we headed to the park for a photos shoot. I am pleased that the kids were all so excited to be a part of this, it is important that they support the soldiers, even if they don't understand or support the war. We had a lot of re-takes, keeping 6 kids in sync for a picture is harder than you think. I think it turned out nice and the kids were having fun, being silly. I know we are part of something much bigger and that makes me feel good! Please show your support anyway you can too. It will bring happiness to you and the soldiers!
February 13th, 2010 Eve, Devon, Lorraine, Max, Kaitlyn and Zane.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank a Soldier

Today I want to post about something that is dear to my heart...Thank A Soldier. There are many different opinions about war and people's beliefs during wartime, but no matter what your feelings are about war & wartime one thing must ALWAYS be clear, your support for the troops. This is not just for the soldiers of the USA, but ALL soldiers in every country. The least we can do as civilians and as kindred spirits is show our appreciation for the soldiers that give up their freedoms for ours. They are doing a campaign right now through the 28th of February to memorialize our thank you's called the The Gratitude Project.

If you have a moment stop by and show your support, maybe even submit a photo, just let them know they are not forgotten or condemned for what they do, but praised for their courage and thanked for the sacrifices.

If you think you'll make a difference and Thank a Soldier let me know, I am interested in your entries and unique ways we can come up with to thank them. I will be posting my submission soon, stay tuned...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I 've been feeling like lately I have no *purpose*...what will I bring to this life...leave this life when I am gone?

Yes, I have 4 beautiful children that I have instilled with love, compassion, empathy and good morals that we pray, will give them all a purposeful life!

But as a single person, WHAT am I going to do that is Spectacular, Phenomenal, Fabulous?!?
I have dreams of becoming an accomplished artist and be well known in the Arts community, but is it enough? Is what I create the things that people want? Is how I feel about art how they will feel about it? I often have the horrible *what if's* in my head that are always negative and make me second guess my work...I'm not good enough to BE an artist!

I find myself always derailing my create time by puttering in the studio, organizing and re-organizing ribbons and papers and stickers and such...only to sabotage my time so I won't create, then I feel guilty for NOT creating, WHY do I do this???

So as fate would have hopping I came across this awesome video at Whatever, the fun and very colorful blog I now love.

I think it's a sign...I will get over my issues and CREATE art, but more importantly, I will BELIEVE it is worth it! And as for my purpose, well right now my purpose it to make MYSELF happy...then maybe I can make others happy. I'll keep dreaming of that famous Artist I want to become...but first, I need to take baby steps...won't you baby step with me?

If any of you have had struggles and triumphs to achieve with your art, please share the love, I have a felling a LOT of us have the terrible *What if's* that keep us from our creating!


~a peek at my ever changing studio~

p.s. I was looking for the *What ifs* poem and found this on youtube, Shel wrote *Boy named Sue* for Johnny Cash, they sing a cute duet and Shel sings a song about a father and a son.