Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I 've been feeling like lately I have no *purpose*...what will I bring to this life...leave this life when I am gone?

Yes, I have 4 beautiful children that I have instilled with love, compassion, empathy and good morals that we pray, will give them all a purposeful life!

But as a single person, WHAT am I going to do that is Spectacular, Phenomenal, Fabulous?!?
I have dreams of becoming an accomplished artist and be well known in the Arts community, but is it enough? Is what I create the things that people want? Is how I feel about art how they will feel about it? I often have the horrible *what if's* in my head that are always negative and make me second guess my work...I'm not good enough to BE an artist!

I find myself always derailing my create time by puttering in the studio, organizing and re-organizing ribbons and papers and stickers and such...only to sabotage my time so I won't create, then I feel guilty for NOT creating, WHY do I do this???

So as fate would have hopping I came across this awesome video at Whatever, the fun and very colorful blog I now love.

I think it's a sign...I will get over my issues and CREATE art, but more importantly, I will BELIEVE it is worth it! And as for my purpose, well right now my purpose it to make MYSELF happy...then maybe I can make others happy. I'll keep dreaming of that famous Artist I want to become...but first, I need to take baby steps...won't you baby step with me?

If any of you have had struggles and triumphs to achieve with your art, please share the love, I have a felling a LOT of us have the terrible *What if's* that keep us from our creating!


~a peek at my ever changing studio~

p.s. I was looking for the *What ifs* poem and found this on youtube, Shel wrote *Boy named Sue* for Johnny Cash, they sing a cute duet and Shel sings a song about a father and a son.

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