Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthdays ROCK!!!

I have so much I wanna share...first, I celebrated my 29th Birthday (for the 9th time) on Wednesday and was so overwhelmed by my family & friends...they all made me feel sooo special. I got everything that I wished for...

Gwen Stefani's perfume Harajuku Lovers *G*
Ooo and the website is fun too..go play!
She looks so cute in my perfume bottle collection...I'll post pics later after I dust o_O

These Adorable deer earrings from BeeLoveLee.

She has sooo many cute lil bags, I'm especially fond of the hedgehog on the faux boiu background...

too cute!!!

Thanx for making me feel like a PRINCESS!

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jensdesign772 said...

ooooooo! I got some of that Gwen Stefani perfume too and I love smells SO good! cute blog!