Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling ALL good thoughts and prayers...

I have recently found out I have a density on the back of my heart, possibly a myxoma (tumor). I am having surgery next Thursday to confirm or deny this. I need all the good thoughts and prayers you can offer. I am at my wits end with ALL my health problems. I am continuing to stay positive and have faith that I will be OK. I have to be, I have 4 kids , 3 who really need me!

I am not taking on any new commitments at this time. I still owe several swaps and I feel terrible about that. I would love to join the One World One Heart event. I made so many neat friends last year but I just don't have it in me this year. I hope to be returning to the creative community soon...How I miss it. I am feeling so depressed and overwhelmed right now, I hope you all understand. Thanks for listening and really, I am going to KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!!!