Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calling ALL good thoughts and prayers...

I have recently found out I have a density on the back of my heart, possibly a myxoma (tumor). I am having surgery next Thursday to confirm or deny this. I need all the good thoughts and prayers you can offer. I am at my wits end with ALL my health problems. I am continuing to stay positive and have faith that I will be OK. I have to be, I have 4 kids , 3 who really need me!

I am not taking on any new commitments at this time. I still owe several swaps and I feel terrible about that. I would love to join the One World One Heart event. I made so many neat friends last year but I just don't have it in me this year. I hope to be returning to the creative community soon...How I miss it. I am feeling so depressed and overwhelmed right now, I hope you all understand. Thanks for listening and really, I am going to KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON!!!


Kelly said...

you are at the top of my list! my prayer list...i am sending shining happy thoughts to you and golden good prayers straight up to the ear of God. everything will be fine. that's all you need to think about. everything will be so fine and, before you know it, you will look back and think this all happened such a long time ago. and you will not even remember ever feeling any fear because you will be full of joy instead. blessings to you.

Lilla said...

I am sending you all the healing power I can from the Islands.
Magic can and does happen. Be strong and have faith, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers
your friend Lilla

ladybug said...

I've got you in my prayers and thoughts too my dear! Have faith that this will be worked out. My mom was told she only four years to live back in 1994...this year she celebrated her 66 birthday. She never gave up on herself or her desire to do what she needed to do to keep living, loving and playing. Playing is important...the healing powers of laughter, joy and play are more powerful than most people imagine. Make sure you still focus on the humor of life...have your kids tell you knock knock a kite, color in a coloring book....remind yourself of the simple joys and know that every time you do it is a healing thing to do.

Big big love to you, I'll get my own box of crayons out and draw you a picture ;)

ladybug said...

You're still in my prayers Rowan.
I'm hoping that you're well and taking care of yourself. Blessings!