Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank a Soldier

Today I want to post about something that is dear to my heart...Thank A Soldier. There are many different opinions about war and people's beliefs during wartime, but no matter what your feelings are about war & wartime one thing must ALWAYS be clear, your support for the troops. This is not just for the soldiers of the USA, but ALL soldiers in every country. The least we can do as civilians and as kindred spirits is show our appreciation for the soldiers that give up their freedoms for ours. They are doing a campaign right now through the 28th of February to memorialize our thank you's called the The Gratitude Project.

If you have a moment stop by and show your support, maybe even submit a photo, just let them know they are not forgotten or condemned for what they do, but praised for their courage and thanked for the sacrifices.

If you think you'll make a difference and Thank a Soldier let me know, I am interested in your entries and unique ways we can come up with to thank them. I will be posting my submission soon, stay tuned...

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