Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy Bee is ME....

So I have LOTs to tell ya...first I want to share my latest obsession...dress forms
My mom got me one for my birthday back in December and now I can't get enough of them. I was eye'n this in a catalog my mom gets, so imagine my surprise when I got a fairly large package...and in it was this beauty...yeah ME...THANX mom!

On to business. *FINALLY* got my PIF done and sent, these are made from an old Indian Sari fabric pillow cover that has seen better days. I loved that pillow, & now it has been given a second life as these lil creatures...

I have been catching up on all my swappy goodies. Made my chunky pages. The theme was they had to be *stamped*. I had to do a variation on 3 of them due to foreign customs, they couldn't have the feather on them, so instead they got a vintage millinery flower.

I've been working on my pendants for the "Jewel's of the Sea Swap", lots of broken glass...UGH!

My pendants are going to be very interesting...stay tuned...oh and those monkey's in the barrel were NO HELP...checky monkeys!!!

I'm also getting ready for A Fanciful Twist's soiree...we are very excited...I have a couple of special guests making their debut at the event. She makes the best cuppies with cream cheese frosting...mmmmm

My Rowan print has found a nice spot to hang out...she's content *looking down* on all the action ~for now {see my other dress form in the corner...I love this lil corner}

Oh and of course the kids are keeping me busy...all 3 of them think they are the director...giving orders...summertime FUN!

I've got lots of other goodies in the mail to share...I'm saving them for another post...til then...

Whatchu been up to???

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