Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day, flare-ups, & Swapping Goodness...Oh my!

It has been a very interesting weekend around here. As many of you know today is Father's Day. I woke up this morning with a migraine and my hunny had to take Zane to hockey practice on his own. In my headache fog, I forgot to wish him a Happy Father's day, make him breakfast in bed, and shower him in gifts. What a BAD mommy! I feel awful, so I was thinking I would make him an amazing meal and surprise him when he gets home...O yeah...I have no Van...drats! So instead I will scavenge in the freezer for a less then mediocre "gourmet meal" of frozen fish and veggies. The kids have been busy making him cards and stuff but Zane is probably still unaware it's Father's Day and being a big stinker I'm sure. He is at that awkward age when he doesn't want to show his sensitive sweet side or any public signs of affection, is constantly arguing about any and everything and thinks he is all knowing and almighty...Yeah...good times! So I'm sure Nathan is having a GREAT I am feeling terribly guilty!

On a lighter note...I have some swappy goodness to share. I have been busy...made 24 inchies (my first attempts),they are headed off to Trixie and Donna

Also made some yummy lotions that remind me of summer for the "Not to Shabby Summer Swap" for Genevieve,

there is also a cute lil wreath and some mini magnets I made for her.

I got lots of goodies too...more chunky book pages from Jackie& Sandra

Some amazing handmade cards from Samantha

And yet another lovely chunky page from Anne in Australia

WOW...Look at all these goodies...THANK YOU ladies!

Well I'm off to scavenge through the freezer. I hope you all have a lovely Fathers Day...and don't forget to tell your daddies how great they are...I better before I am also a BAD daughter!

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