Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My nights...

Awww my nights. That is when me and my muse get to play. Being the mother to 4 kids (one grown and away, 3 at home, here to stay), my days are full of to-do's and errands, and motherly love. OK it's occasionally replaced with the over stressed mommy who needs that "Calgon take me away" moment to be real. Even more so, I await the nights for my "ME time". I am a mother first, artist second...or third...or maybe even forth. I rarely make it through the day and into the night, sheer exhaustion takes over and I can only dream of creating. Enter my muse, she is a schizophrenic who whispers at the oddest hours, and delights me with such wondrous ideas...always wanting to play. Her name is Rowan Willow Nightwind, the alter, over-active ego of an artist. If she's lucky I will play, play away the hours into the night. See with Rowan there are no clocks or kids or chores, just sweet "ME time". I can create and play all night...play...play...play away the night and sleep all through the day...yeah right (those days are gone along with my single life)! Remember those kids and errands and chores...they're still there, and the kids seem to be fueled by my weakness, like Superman around Kyrptonite, paralyzed and powerless. I am the walking dead, defenseless to these little people running the show. Oh how could I be so senseless and waste my sweet slumber time to create art...the very art that keeps me awake on all the other nights, exhausted left only to dream of it, the same art that puts a smile on the receivers face and in my heart, the same art that I look at in sheer amazement that it has made it, it IS created, it IS ART!

Awww...who needs sleep anyway!

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