Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy...Busy...Busy...That's me!

Ya know when your sick and everything gets put off and sometimes is forgotten... chores, errands to run and important calls to make...well I kinda forgot ALL of them and today and yesterday have been spent catching up and TCB (taking care of business). I had to start by cleaning and getting the "germs" outta here...I spent a lot of time on my lil area in the bedroom and I rearranged my dresser "junque"...I love the way it looks now...especially at night...romantic...huh!?! So now I've got some more chores to catch up on, lots of errands to run and a few more calls to make. Being sick makes for busy work when you're feeling better...Oh well...I'd rather be busy and tired then Sick and in bed!

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ladybug said...

I hear you! I feel like I've fallen behind myself, but I've not even been sick...sometimes we just fall behind and the energy it takes to try and catch up can seem almost impossible to find!

Best wishes to you on your continued recovery as well as feeling like your standing on top of your to do list soon!