Monday, May 12, 2008

A bitter sweet Mother's Day!

I will not complain, overall my day was wonderful. I started with breakfast in bed from my love, handmade goodies from my little gnomes and fairy and a picnic at the park. I do feel sad oldest naughty fairy called and didn't even say happy Mother's day...or come to the hoo. I had a mis-understanding with my mom about the picnic, therefor she showed up 3 hours earlier than us. Needless to say she went home and filled her day other ways. I felt awful for the mis-understanding and invited her to a movie and "girls only" day out on Saturday as a late Mothers day gift to her. I think in the end it will be nicer, she wasn't looking forward to sweating at the park anyway. I am so very blessed to be a mother, and to have a loving mother and mother-in-law.

I can only believe that God has smiled on me far more than I feel worthy, none the less, I am beyond thankful :0)

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Simone said...

Oh no - I was multi-tasking and I now I can't remember which post I wanted to comment on.

I think this one had photos on.

Anyway - great blog. Nice to meet you via the Blog Love Swap.