Monday, March 17, 2008

"Creating Depression"

I have been sooo bad about my blog and creating lately...I guess I've been depressed.  Sometimes that little monster of self-doubt creeps in and tells you "your not an artist...this is no good...who do you think will like one will buy that...what are you, crazy".  I have to constantly fight off that lil monster...I'm sure I'm not alone in my thoughts.  I need to "BELIEVE" in creating time as therapy.  I have done some creating.  I made some cute felt goodies, a lil bag and a checkbook cover.  I added some more goodies to a painting I'm doing, and I am constantly having new IDEAS of things to make...I just get lost in the self-doubt, lack of time, and unorganized mess I always feel my workspace is in (it's not really that bad, but I always find myself re-arranging and cleaning and NOT CREATING)...why do I do that?!?  
 My kids were on spring break last week, so that was keeping me very busy, and very frustrated by the end...3 kids home all day eventually start arguing...fighting and well driving Mommy nutty.  I am soo glad they are back today...except I forgot it's St. Patrick's day and they didn't wear their green...ooops...pinch, pinch, pinch! 
I need to snap out of it and get busy CREATING!  I got some polymer and paper clay and wanted to try my luck at doll making...and I could always "materialize" my crafty ideas I have when I laying in bed or driving about.  I will BELIEVE...and it will be done~sounds great to me!


Stacy Alexander said...

I, for one, believe you are a fantastic artist! Please eliminate the self doubt....because your work really is great, and if you spend your energy beating yourself up and feeling negative, that is one less piece of art you would have created. Your work is a blessing and brings joy to those of us who love it.


Pam Aries said...

Hi ! Glad t o see you are back. I know exactly how you feel about creating. I had promised myself to creat art everyday...uh not happening. I realized I just have t ogo with the flow and not chastise myself. Art comes naturally! Happy Easter!