Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter was...well...nice?!?

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.  Mine  I don't want to complain, but I'm gonna.  I was a mess,  woke up with a major "flare" (my body hurt from head to toe, literally),I  hadn't finished the backyard cleaning up for the egg hunt, I hadn't finished my shopping for Dinner and was running out of time (thank goodness they were both late).  Finally Grandma & Bambi arrived and played with the kids.  I was so unprepared they dyed the Easter eggs as I cooked dinner.  Then as my asparagus steamed, my last item to cook, I snuck off to my bedroom to take a short rest...only to discover my bedroom was under an inch of water!!!  I was beyond upset (thank goodness we have tile on the entire downstairs area of our house, where my room is).  Originally we thought my youngest clogged the toilet, he was saying he had a BIG poop...EEEWWW toilet water all over my room.  Well, as we were frantically trying to get the water off the floor, Nathan discovers the water dripping out of the cabinets in the bathroom...the drawers were FULL of water too.  What had happened was my lil guy was washing up when Grandma showed up...he was soo excited he "FORGOT" to shut it off...when dinner was almost ready he was washing up again and discovered his water mess...turned it off and didn't tell anyone...enter mommy...UUUGGGHHH!!!  There we were, ready to eat, and this!  Dinner was cold, I was cranky and in pain, and my room was still not done under my bed (a canopy bed in the middle of the room).  Happy Easter, wasn't the way I saw it. At least it wasn't toilet water.

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TiffanyJane said...

Oh No!!! Thats awful!!!! But yes, at least is wasn't toilet water {a silver lining to the story??}