Sunday, January 13, 2008

lovin' lampworking

Today we went to my new friend Adiels, and had a BBQ.  It was a really fun day, good korean bbq meat called bugogi and kim chee with rice was yummy, then she gave me a lesson about lampworking, thats making beads with a torch (if you didn't know).  I nervously attempted the craft and made 2 beads, the first she said I was a natural, then I tried some more advanced techniques and added stringers and fritz, this is little pieces of glass, like sand, that you roll the bead in and it adds color and texture, not so good, anyway I ended up "fixing it in the flame and made a barrel bead.  They are in the kiln and won't be ready til tomorrow.  I can't wait to see them.  I asked her to show me how she makes her mermaid tails, and she showed me (pics), then I asked if I could buy it and she said she would give it to me...WOW, she also made me a phone charm inspired by butterflies (we both luv butterflies), she is SO Sweet!!! Here is her website, I think it's a little outdated (she's a busy mom of 2) but you can see her beautiful stuff, and her adorable daughter, Ava.  
I had so much FUN, as we were leaving my oldest son says "how come we are the only ones that were there?"  he was thinking it was a b-day party or something, we don't get out and socialize with other adults unless it's a was cute, they all had fun playing.  Look out Nathan, I might ask for a lampworking set-up now...hehehe
THANKS ADIEL & BRIAN...your home is beautiful!

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TiffanyJane said...

That sounds like fun, I'll have to go check out your friends website :)