Thursday, January 17, 2008

tonite turned into today...

I never made it back yesterday.  I did get creative and start an altered art project.  it is using some vintage danish woodcut fabric and a mirror and fairies and a wooden "believe" sign I got on clearance for 50 cents (i bought 6 of them).  It will be so cute when I'm done.  I think I'm gonna add some beads to the fabric.  I also want to make a pillow out of it, I found some tassels on clearance too.  I went to Michael's today, wow did I find some neat stuff.  I got the cutest mini book from my new favorite designer, Amy Butler.  I am gonna make it my "Dreaming" of my successful business full of positive things about me and stuff.  Speaking of Amy Butler, I got up the nerve to ask her if I could use some of here fabric designs on my website and for my logo.  I am hoping it is ok.  It has the retro modern 70s look I want, and the colors are perfect.  I'll keep ya posted on that...

Then tonite I spent some time with my oldest kiddo, Paige.  She took me out to eat at Paradise Bakery, mmmm I love that place.  Then I took her to Barnes & Noble, I love this place too.  I found so many cool books, and calendars for cheap (75% off).  I think I'll get a glass of wine and relax with a few of my new books...maybe I'll finish one of these?...probably not.  

I had a great day!

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