Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cleaning up

Today I had all intentions of "creating", but it is dinner time and I still haven't done anything.  I spent most of my day getting my workspace organized.  I cleaned up the x-mas crafts, set up my new toys (I got a rolling mill and torch), reading instruction manuals (so I don't blow up the garage) and the usual tending to the kids every 15 min..  I am hoping to get an evening session in when all little heads are in bed (I have to hammer and bang metal tho, we'll see).  This is my workspace, it's a work in progress.  I want to add some more shelves and I got some wooden dowels to hang my many ribbon spools from.  I suppose it will always need some tweeking,  as I am always adding more clutter, and learning new things to do.  It is nice to have a spot, I commandeered a section of the front room.  It works well for me, for now, someday I will have my own craft ROOM.  I need to set-up my polisher, tumbler and soldering station in the garage...that will be a major undertaking tho...maybe next weekend.


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TiffanyJane said...

What a fun work space....the "Believe" banner looks familiar, from lovely Madai at Wren Cottage I assume!??